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THE BOYZ (더보이즈)



The Boyz

‘THE BOYZ (더보이즈), is a renowned South Korean pop group. The group consists of eleven-member under Cre.ker entertainment.
In this article, we have included everything about The Boyz.


In the year 2016 to 2017, the group members appeared in different shows and music videos, cameos but separately; the first member brought up in this group is Kevin as a contestant on K-pop star 6 but was excluded from the competition. Later he got an opportunity to release an O.S.T. for the drama named Saimdang, Light’s Diary in 2017 April.

In January 2017, Sunwoo participated in High School Rapper but got eliminated at the competition’s starting; Ju Haknyeon became a participant in Produce 101 and gained 19th place in the competition in March 2017.The company Cre.Ker Entertainment released their group statement signed the contract on 4th December, but their official name was first released on 18th July.

Image Source: Kpopmap

The Boyz’s Members

The Boyz (더보이즈) is a South Korean boy band formed in 17th December 2017 by Cre.ker Entertainment consisting of 12 members and they officially debuted their first mini-album released on 6th December 2017 named The First and its Lead single ‘Boy.’

Their fandom name is THE B.

Hwall parted his ways from the group on 22nd October 2019.

The twelve members of this group are:

  • Lee Sang-Yeon (이상연) known as Sangyeon (상연) was born on 4th November 1996 – Leader and Main Vocalist.
  • Bae Joon Young (배준영) known as Jacob Bae (제이콥) was born on 30th May 1997 – Vocalist
  • Kim Young Hoon (김영훈) known as Younghoon (영훈) was born on 8th August 1997 – Vocalist
  • Lee Jae–hyun (이재현) known as Hyunjae (현재) was born on 13th September 1997 – Vocalist
  • Lee Ju yeon (이주연) known as Juyeon(주연) was born on 15th January 1998 – Vocalist, Main dancer
  • Moon Hyung Seo  (문형서) known as Kevin(케빈) was born on 23rd February 1998 – Main vocalist
  • Choi Chan Hee (최찬희) known as New (뉴) was born on 26th April 1998- Main vocalist
  • Ji Chang-min (지창민) known as Q (큐) was born on 5th November 1998- Vocalist, Main dancer
  • Ju Hak Nyeon (주학년) known as Ju Haknyeon (주학년) was born on 9th March 1999 – Dancer, Vocalist
  • Kim Sun-woo  (김선우) known as Sun woo (선우) was born on 12th April 2000 – Main Rapper
  • Son Young Jae  (손영재) known as Eric (에릭) was born on December 22, 2000–Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Maknae
  • Heo Hyung Joon known as Hwall was born on 9th March 2000- (Former Member)


The group released their album named Reveal on 10th February 2020, which peaked up the charts in Japan, going up to 32 and Korea up to 1 .also sales went up to 1,928 in Japan and 148,611 in Korea, and Breaking Dawn was released on 17th March 2021 hitting sales up to 20,075 in Japan.

The music videos they worked on are ‘I’m Your Boy’ (2017)’ ‘ Walkin In Ti”’ ‘ Giddy ‘p” ‘Keep’r’,’ Right Here(201′)’,’ No A’r” ‘D.D.’.” ‘Tattoo(201’)” ‘White, Reve’l’,’ The Steal’r” ‘Christmassy(202′)’,’ Breaking Dawn(2021).

Also the reality shows they worked on ar’ ‘Flower Snack (201′)’,’ Come On ! The Boyz (2018-201′)” ‘The 1’0′ ,’ Our Happy H’me’, ‘Swi’ch’, ‘Thumping Travel (20’8)’, ‘Otoseyo (2018-20’0)’, ‘Are You Hungry?(2021).

The Boyz Offical Sites

The group is active on various social media networking platforms as they have their official accounts on different platforms named ‘THE BOYZ’ like Instagram with over 2.31 million followers with around 1350 posts, Facebook over 830k followers, YouTube with over 1.5 million subscribers, VLIVE with over 1.16 million members and Twitter over 1.23 million followers. Also, Twitter THE BOYZ’ Japanese official account has over 285k followers.

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Danny Ahn (데니안) – Actor, Profile, Early Life, Career, Net Worth & Facts



Danny Ahn (데니안)

Danny Ahn (데니안) is a South Korean actor, singer, rapper, radio DJ, and host. He is best known as the main rapper of the South Korean boyband g.o.d.

Prior Life and Details

Danny was born in Seattle, Washington, United States, on December 22, 1978. Therefore, he is 43 years old as of 2022. Moreover, the K-pop idol also holds American citizenship.

Even though he was born in America, the South Korean sensation decided to move to his home country and complete his schooling there. Therefore, he attended Seoul Joongdae Elementary School, Gawon Middle School, and Seoul Foreign School. Finally, Danny completer his education at Dankook University.

Ahn’s parent’s splitter when Danny was an elementary student. After that, his mother took care of and raised Danny and his older sister. However, the South Korean actor has not disclosed any information about his mother and sister.

Danny Ahn
Image Source: Instagram

Body Stats and Physical Appearance

Ahn stands at the height of 5 feet 11 inches (181 cm) and his body weight is 60 kg (132 pounds). The American-born South Korean sensation’s zodiac sign is Sagittarius and his blood type is 0.

He has maintained himself very well and has also kept himself healthy because there are a lot of people who take him as a role model.

Quick Facts about Danny Ahn

Full NameDanny Ahn
Native Name(데니안)
Stage Name Danny Ahn
BirthdayDecember 22, 1978
Birth PlaceSeattle, Washington, United States
Parentsfather and mother (divorced)
Siblingone older sister
Occupationactor, singer, rapper, radio DJ, and host
AgencySidos HQ and Cuz-9
Years Active1999-present
Positionactor, singer, rapper
Height5 feet 11 inches (181 cm)
Weight60 kg (132 pounds)
Blood TypeO
Relationship StatusSingle
Net Worth$5 million

Highlights on Danny Ahn’s Career

Danny started getting interested in becoming a singer when he was a teenager. He was inspired a lot by the songs of Seo Taiji and Boys. Moreover, the South Korean sensation also studied Theater and Film at Dankook University to pursue his career as an idol.

He started his career as a professional rapper after making his debut as a rapper for the K-pop singer Uhm Jung-hwa. Furthermore, Ahn also became one of the members of a mixed-gender project group but the group could not last much longer.

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After that, another K-pop band NRG recruited Danny as their last member. The South Korean singer was later recruited by his cousin Joon for a project that was being formed. This group was later named g.o.d. and it consisted of five members. g.o.d. was the short form of Groove Over Dose.

He sang numerous superhit songs with g.o.d, such as To Mother, Love and Memory, the Place You Belong, Lie, Sky Blue Promise, Friday Night, An Ordinary Day, Again, and a lot more.

Danny Ahn
Image Source: Instagram

Filmography Career

Besides being a talented singer, Ahn has also appeared in several big-screen as well as small-screen projects.

We can see his appearance in two movies named Crazy Waiting (2008) and Head (2011). Furthermore, he has also appeared in a lot of TV series such as Banjun Drama (2006), The Slave Hunters (2010), Lie To Me (2011), Goodbye Dear Wife (2012), Fantasy Tower (2013), Pitch Black (2014), The Three Witches (2015), Level Up (2019), Imitation (2021), and many others.

Also, he has portrayed some different roles in several variety shows, including Let’s Go! Dream Team Season 2 (2009-2010), Where is My Superhero? (2014), The Friends in Chiang Mai (2015), and Travel for Me (2017).

Relationship Status of Danny Ahn

Danny Ahn is not dating anyone for now and is living a single life. Perhaps, the South Korean actor does not have time to get into any affairs or relationship because he is completely focused in building his career.

Danny Ahn
Image Source: Instagram

Furthermore, Danny has also not revealed any of his previous relationships and affairs even if he had any. Therefore, we have no clue about the actor’s love life for now.

Social Media Presence

Ahn is not active on any social media platforms until now. However, his fans and supporters have created various accounts on both Instagram and Twitter where they share a lot of posts about the South Korean-American actor.

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However, his fans are also eagerly waiting for the famous actor to create his own official social media account so that they can get even closer to Danny Ahn.

Net Worth

Danny has a total net worth of $5 million as of 2022. He has earned a lot of money throughout his career as the actor is active in several professions.

Moreover, he is also a very demanded idol on South Korea who has also gained much fame in international platforms. Therefore, doubtlessly, Danny Ahn us a millionaire and is making a lot of money.

Some Interesting Facts about Danny Ahn

  • Danny has various hobbies like skiing, car tuning, listening to music, reading comics, and driving.
  • He loves to listen music and his favorite musicians are Quincy Jones and Ray Charles.
  • The South Korean singer’s first-ever solo album was released in the year 2007.
  • Danny Ahn’s English is very fluent as he was born and brought up in America and also listens to a lot of English songs.

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Shin Hyun Seung (신현승) – Actor, Profile, Early Life, Career, Net Worth & Facts



Shin Hyun Seung

Shin Hyun Seung (신현승) is a popular South Korean actor managed by C-Jes Entertainment. The actor started his professional career in 2021 by appearing in Be My Boyfriend.

Early Life and Family Details

On July 5, 1998, Shin was born in Incheon, South Korea. His parents raised him in his hometown, and they gave him a very beautiful childhood with nothing to worry about.

The South Korean actor graduated from Sungkyunkwan University, but we have no clue what major he chose. Furthermore, the South Korean artist’s parents and family details remain dark. Also, we have no clue whether Shin has any siblings or a single child.

Shin Hyun Seung
Image Source: Instagram

Physical Stats

Shin Hyun stands at the height of 6 feet or 184 cm, but he has not revealed his weight until now. Furthermore, the South Korean actor’s blood type remains dark. However, his zodiac sign is Cancer.

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Overall, the South Korean star has maintained himself very fit and healthy. Therefore, many people worldwide follow the actor as their role model and want their physical fitness to be as good as Shin.

Quick Information about Shin Hyun Seung

Full NameShin Hyun Seung
Native Name(신현승)
Stage NameShin Hyun Seung (신현승)
BirthdayJuly 5, 1998
Birth PlaceIncheon, South Korea
NationalitySouth Korean
ParentsFather and Mother
AgencyE&T Story Entertainment
Associated ActPumpkin Time, Work Later, Drink Now
Height6 feet
Blood TypeN/A
Relationship StatusUnknown
Net WorthN/A

Insights on Shin Hyun Seung’s Career

Shin made his debut as an actor in 2021 after being selected through a 5000:1 competition in an integrated audition sponsored by Kakao M. After that, the actor has appeared in several other dramas as well.

However, the South Korean star has not appeared in many projects until now as he is a newcomer and is in his struggling phase. Nevertheless, shin has portrayed significant roles in some dramas, including Be My Boyfriend (2021-Naver TV ) as Lee Seung Min, So Not Worth It (2021-Netflix) as Jamie, and Pumpkin Time (TBA) as Kang Tae Joo.

Shin Hyun Seung
Image Source: Instagram

Besides that, he has not appeared in any movies until now but will soon get more projects and become one of the most successful idols in the K-pop industry. Furthermore, he triggered a lot of people into curiosity after his first appearance in the music video of Kim Dong Jun’s song.

This is everything he has done as a professional actor, but he still has a long way to go as Hyun is very young and his career has just started.

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Social Media Presence

Shin loves to keep his fans and well-wishers updated about himself, and he does so through his social media profile. Talking about his social media presence, he is available on Instagram.

We can meet Shin Hyun Seung on Instagram under the username @lucky_hyeons. He has shared only 38 posts and already has more than 150 thousand followers on his Instagram account.

Relationship Status of Shin Hyun Seung

Hyun is currently single as he is very busy with his career. Therefore, he has no time to get into any affairs or relationships for now. Furthermore, he has not revealed any of his previous partners, even if he had any. Therefore, Shin’s love life stays completely away from the world.

Shin Hyun Seung
Image Source: Instagram

Net Worth of Shin Hyun Seung

Shin Hyun’s net worth is yet to be revealed. However, we can say that he has not earned a handful of money as the actor has just started his career and has appeared only in three dramas.

However, it is pretty sure that Hyun Seung is a very talented actor and he has a very bright future in the filmography industry. Therefore, doubtlessly, he will earn a lot of money if he keeps working hard.

Some Interesting Facts

  • Shin has not revealed much about himself on the internet or even with the media as he likes to keep his personal life low-key.
  • He has gained a lot of fans within a very short period of his professional debut because of his talent and good looks.
  • The South Korean actor’s MBTI type is INFJ and he was previously a member if E&T Story Entertainment.
  • Hyun Seung has not revealed his ideal type until now therefore, we have no clue about what type of girlfriend does he want.

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Lee Sang-yeob (이상엽) – Profile, Actor, Early Life, Career, Net Worth & Facts



Lee Sang-yeob (이상엽)

Lee Sang-yeob (이상엽) is a famous South Korean actor. He is best known for his appearance in Living Among the Rich (2011-12). Moreover, Lee has also appeared in the melodrama titled The Innocent Man (2012).

Prior Life and Family Details

Sang-yeob was born on May 8, 1983, in Seoul, South Korea. Therefore, the South Korean actor’s age is 38 years old as of 2021. Furthermore, Lee attended Gwangmyeongbuk High School and then studied Theater and Film at Hanyang University.

Lee has not revealed any information regarding his father and mother, but it is known that he is the only grandchild of the late businessman Kim Jong-jin. His grandfather served in the executive positions at POSCO and Dongkuk Steel.

Other than that, the South Korean sensation has not revealed much about his childhood and early life as he loves to keep his private pretty low-key.

Lee Sang-yeob
Image Source: Instagram

Body Stats and Physical Appearance

Lee stands at the height of 5 feet 11 inches or 182 cm, and his body weight is 70 kg (154 pounds). Furthermore, his zodiac sign is Taurus, and the Chinese zodiac sign is Pig. Furthermore, his blood type is B, and his MBTI Type is ESFP.

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Overall, the South Korean star has a very healthy body and a very attractive appearance. As a result, many people worldwide follow Sang-yeob as their role model and try to make themselves fit.

Quick Facts about Lee Sang-yeob

Full NameLee Sang-yeob
Native Name(이상엽)
Stage Name Lee Sang-yeob (이상엽)
BirthdayMay 8, 1983
Birth PlaceSeoul, South Korea
NationalitySouth Korean
ParentsFather, Mother
Years active2007-present
Height182 cm (5 feet 11 inches)
Weight70 kg (154 pounds)
Blood TypeB
Relationship StatusSingle (previously in a relationship with Gong Hyun-Joo)
Net Worth$1 million to $5 million

Lee Sang-yeob Career Highlights

Sang-yeob started his career as a professional actor in 2007. The first movie that Lee appeared in was A Man Who Was Superman (2008). After that, the actor appeared in many other movies, TV series, TV shows, and soundtrack appearances.

We can see the actor in several movies, including Lovers of Six Years (2011), Penny Pinchers (2011), The Flu (2013), Ex-Files (2014), The Villagers (2018), and The Day I Died (2020).

Furthermore, he has also appeared in a lot of TV series such as:

  • A Happy Woman (2007)
  • King Sejong the Great (2008)
  • Here He Comes (2008)
  • Her Style (2009)
  • Midas (2011)
  • Can’t Lose (2011)
  • The Innocent Man (2012)
  • A Little Love Never Hurts (2013)
  • Signal (2016)
  • While You Were Sleeping (2017), and a lot more.
Lee Sang-yeob
Image Source: Instagram

Besides that, Lee Sang-yeob has also portrayed the role of the Ex-boyfriend in the web series titled Nara’s Marvelous Days. Also, we can see him in several TV shows, like Law of the Jungle in Samoa (2015), My Little Old Boy (2019), Three Idiots (2020), Sixth Sense 2 (2021), and many others.

Furthermore, Lee Sang has also hosted the 2020 KBS Drama Awards show 2020, and the KBS2 network aired this program.

Awards and Nominations

Lee has won a lot of awards throughout his career, and some of those awards are listed below:

  • Top Excellence Award, Actor in a Serial Drama at the 2013 APAN Star Awards
  • Excellence Award, Actor in a Mid-length Drama at the 2020 KBS Drama Awards
  • Best Couple Award at the 2020 KBS Drama Awards
  • Best Actor (TV) at the 2019 Korea Cultural Entertainment Awards

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Social Media Presence

We can meet the famous South Korean actor on Instagram under the username @sangyeob. He has shared almost 500 posts on his official Instagram account, and more than 1.3 million people follow Lee Sang-yeob on the social media platform.

However, Sang does not have any official accounts on Twitter. Therefore, his fans and well-wishers can only get to know the South Korean sensation only on Instagram.

Lee Sang-yeob
Image Source: Instagram

Relationship Status of Lee Sang-yeob

Currently, Lee Sang-yeob is not dating anyone. However, the actor had previously dated famous South Korean singer Gong Hyun-Joo, but the couple only dated for six months. It is known that they started liking each other when they were colleagues in the same agency.

However, later in August 2016, the celebrity couple announced their break-up for personal reasons, but they did not disclose the actual reason behind their separation.

Net Worth

Lee Sang-yeob’s net worth is $1 million to $5 million. He has earned a huge amount of money throughout his career. Moreover, the actor is still making very much as he continuously works very hard.

However, Lee is not disclosed any of his advertisements and endorsements until now, so we have no clue whether the famous actor works as a model or not.

Some Interesting Facts about Lee Sang-yeob

  • Lee Sang-yeob’s military service in March 2009 and his service finished in January 2011.
  • The famous South Korean sensation’s nickname is the melodramatic gaze.
  • As per the artist himself, his wants a partner who shares the same hobbies, is cute, chic with a puppy face, and younger than him.
  • Sang-yeoblikes to appear in variety shows because of the bright energy they have but he hates loud and screaming kinds of villians.

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Park Jin-joo (박진주) – Profile, Early Life, Career, Net Worth & Facts



Park Jin-joo

Park Jin-joo (박진주), mostly known for her spectacular works in supporting roles and being an excellent singer is a South Korean actress and singer who has been in the Korean entertainment industry since 2011.

Early Life

Jinjoo was born on December 24, 1998, with the full name Park Jin-joo (박진주) in Illo-eup, Muan-gun, Jeollanam-d, South Korea. Jinjoo is currently 34 years old. Her zodiac sign is Capricorn.

Her family background is quite unclear however, her family consists of her parents, her older sister, and her.

Jinjoo completed her graduation from Seoul Institute of the Arts with a major in the Department of Acting.

Park Jin-joo
Image Source:

Body Stats

Jinjoo is known for her cute appearance has a height of 160 cm (5ft 2 inches) and weighs around 46kg. Her blood type is O. Her exact body measurements are still unknown to the public media.

Quick Facts

Full NamePark Jin-joo
Native Name박진주
BirthdayDecember 24, 1998
Birth PlaceJeollanam-d, South Korea
NationalitySouth Korean
Parentsfather and mother
SiblingOlder Brother
OccupationActress, singer
AgencyANDMARQ Corporation
Height5 feet 2 inches (160 cm)
Blood TypeB
Relationship StatusN/A
Net WorthApprox. $1 million

Debut in Acting

Park Jin Joo made her debut in 2011 in a sitcom “High Kick Short Legs Counterattack”. Later, she made her official debut with a movie titled “Sunny” she played the role of Hwang Jin-hee.

She played small supporting roles in many dramas and later reappeared in 2016 in the drama “Jealousy Incarnate” with the role of a nurse, Oh Jin-ju.

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Park Jin Joo is more comfortable and prefers playing supporting roles rather than lead roles. She had a hard time gaining recognition due to her part in only supporting roles in most of the dramas and films.

Her roles even though have small parts make a huge impact and have an extraordinary image than other actors.

Park Jin-joo in King of Mask Singer

However, she had gained some recognition through dramas but she had got spotlight through the show “King of Mask Singer” in she made herself known to the audiences, she presented herself as Rain Rain Girl.

Her appearance in the show raised much curiosity in the audiences and guessed different celebrities behind the Raincoat girl. some had a hunch that she was Shim Eun-Kyung and others had it that she was Kim Hyeon-Cheol.

It became a hot topic throughout the show, it even raised suspicion that they had asked if it was lip-synced with the CD playing in the background as her voice was too perfect.

Park Jin-joo actively works both in the singing field in variety shows as well as manages her acting career side by side.

Some of the popular dramas in which Park Jin-joo had a role are:

  • Her Private Life
  • Hotel Del Luna
  • Backstreet Rookie
  • It’s Okay Not to Be Okay
  • Lovestruck in the City
  • Our Beloved Summer

Park Jin joo’s role in Our Beloved Summer as Lee Sol-yi has gained quite attention from audiences.

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Social Media

Park Jin Joo is active on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter; she goes by the verified username (@jinjoo1224) with 909k followers in Instagram whereas (@qkwlswl) in Twitter.

Personal Life

Jinjoo isn’t linked or has been part of relationship rumors publicly, she has been focused on her career. She is most likely single and not engaged. Her cute appearance has gained her male fans and audiences.

Net Worth

Park Jin-joo has been active for a decade in the entertainment industry and has worked in various hit dramas and films. Her work as a singer is also notable. Through her career, she earns a decent sum of income, her estimated income is around $2-$4 million USD.

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HoYeon Jung (정호연) – Model, Actress, Profile, Career & Net Worth



HoYeon Jung

HoYeon Jung, recently popular through the popular South Korean Netflix series Squid Game as Kang Sae-byeok, is a professional model and actress.

Early Life

HoYeon was born on June 23, 1994, with the name Jung Ho-yeon in Seoul, Korea. She is popularly known by the name HoYeon Jung. Her zodiac is Aquarius and HoYeon Jung’s age is at the present 28 years old.

There are not many details on her family details but know that her family consists of her parents and her older and younger sisters.

HoYeon went to Hyewon Girl’s High School and later graduated from Dongduk Women’s University with a major in Modeling Department.

HoYeon Jung
Image Source: Facebook

Body Stats

As an active model, HoYeon Jung has an elegant body physique and stands at a height of 176 cm. Her shoe size is 250mm and has blood type B.

Quick Facts

Full NameHoYeon Jong
Native Name정호연
Stage Name HoYeon Jong
BirthdayJune 23, 1994
Birth PlaceSeoul, Korea
ParentsFather, Mother
OccupationActress & Model
Agency ESTeem & CAA
Height176 cm
Shoe Size250mm
Blood TypeB
Relationship StatusN/A
Net Worth $14million USD

Modeling Career

HoYeon Jong began her career at the age of 17 when she entered the MBC Model Academy and started modeling since then. She appeared in a show named Supermodel Korea Season 2 but was eliminated in the first Episode. She worked as a freelancer for about two years and decided to look for an agency to manage her. Jung signed a contract with the ESTeem agency.

She had plans to participate in the Supermodel Korea season 3, but she suffered a fractured pelvic bone, so he focused on treatment. After a while, in 2013 she made her appearance in Supermodel Korea Season 4 and gained some attention from the audiences however she was eliminated after a few episodes.

Later she had got a chance to re-enter the show through the Resurrection of the Losers.

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She had then worked at Seoul Fashion Week and other designer shows and brands such as pushBUTTON which is a Koren high-end fashion brand since 2009, designer shows such as Ji Chun Hee, Steve J & Yoni P, Han-hee kye and others.

Yeon then signed with the agency based in New York “The Society Management” in 2016 and started working there. HoYeon Jung had dyed her hair red which became her trademark, she was recognized by other fashion houses; it can be marked as the start of the peaking point for her modeling career. Since then, she signed an exclusive contract with Louis Vuitton and appeared in 2017 City Exclusive.

The major brands that she has worked with:

  • Fendi
  • Versace Jeans
  • Bottega Veneta
  • Dsquared2
  • Miu Miu
  • Moschino
  • Tory Burch
  • Dolce & Gabbana
  • Max Mara
HoYeon Jung
Image Source: uk sports yahoo

She has also appeared in commercial shows with brands such as:

  • Bottega Veneta
  • Hermes
  • H&M
  • Tory Burch
  • Fendi
  • Sephora
  • ZARA
  • GAP

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HoYeon Jung’s Acting Career & Squid Game

HoYeon Jung experienced a decrease in her modeling offers and decided to step into acting since models have a short life span career. While she was still working as a model overseas she came once in a while to Korea to take acting courses and lessons. Jung decided to sign with Saram Entertainment for her acting career.

Jung was given scenes from the show for audition and did her audition through video, however, later she was asked to audition again in person in South Korea where director Hwang Dong-hyuk gave her the part immediately. Her role as Kang Sae-byeok had a great response from audiences from all around the world.

The show became Netflix’s most-watched series as of November 2021, it was viewed in over 94 countries and has 1.64 billion viewing hours in its first month from the launch. The cast included Korean movie stars like Wi Ha-joon, Park Hae-soo, Lee Jung-jae, Oh Young-Soo, Heo Sung-tae, and many others.

She became the most notable new actor and also signed a contract with CAA, the largest agency in the United States.

HoYeon Jung and Jennie

HoYeon and Jennie met at a Chanel fashion runway during Paris Fashion Week. Being also titled “Human Chanel” by the fans, Jennie often attends fashion shows. HoYeon disclosed that Jennie’s stylist knew her both and coincidentally came across.

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They both bonded and have a close connection with each other. While shooting for Squid Game Jennie sent over a coffee truck to the cast and crew. Both visited each other in their shows whenever they had the chance.

HoYeon Jung
Image Source: Instagram

Social Media

Since, the release of the Squid Game her Instagram account has gained over 12.7 million followers, it grew from 410k followers to currently HoYeon Jung has over 23.7 million followers. Her verified username is (@hoooooyeony).

With the rise in popularity foreign international celebrities; Virgil Abloh, Christiano Ronaldo, NBA player Kevin Durant, Elle Fanning, Zendaya, singer Dua Lipa, Drake, Pharrell Williams, Rosalia followed her on Instagram.

Net Worth

HoYeon is one of the most hyped actors and models in the year 2021. In conclusion, with being part of Fashion Shows of various luxury brands, recent hit with the Squid Games, she earns a considerable sum of income. She became Louis Vuitton’s newest Global House Ambassador for fashion, watches, and jewelry.

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Oh Young-Soo (오영수) – Actor, Early Life, Career, & Facts



Oh Young-Soo

Oh Young-Soo(오영수) is a famous South Korean actor. He has recently come into fame after appearing in the T.V. Series Squid Game. Moreover, we can also spell his name as Oh Yeung-Soo.

Early Life and Family

On October 19, 1944, Oh was born in Kaepung County, GyeonggiNorth Korea. The actor was born in North Korea, but his family moved to Paju on the southern Korean side after the 38th parallel line was drawn across Korea.

The Southern side was controlled by the American army back then. Talking about his parents and family, Young-Soo’s grandfather was a local educator and landlord. Unfortunately, the North Korean army killed his father and kidnapped his brother.

Phyisical Stats

Oh is a very old-aged sensation who has already turned 77 years old. Therefore, we can say that he does not have a very fit and healthy physical condition. Furthermore, he has also not revealed his height and weight until now.

However, we know that his zodiac sign is Libra, and his blood type is B. Besides, looking at his appearance and acting in Squid Game, we can say that the old actor still has the will to work and his body still has not given up.

Quick Facts about Oh Young-Soo

Full Name Oh Young-Soo
Native Name(오영수)
Stage NameOh Young-Soo (오영수)
BirthdayOctober 19, 1944
Birth PlaceKaepung County, Gyeonggi, Japanese Korea
NationalitySouth Korean
ParentsFather (killed), Mother
Siblingbrother (kidnapped by North Korea)
Other appearancesSoul Guardian and A Little Monk, etc
Blood TypeB
Relationship StatusMarried
Net Worthover millions

Oh Young-Soo’s Career Highlights

The famous actor began acting in 1963 after appearing in a drama titled The Square. Moreover, he was also a member of the National Theater Company of Korea from 1987 to 2010. Oh worked with many talented South Korean actors, including Jang Min-ho.

Furthermore, he had also produced a play named A Confession for Black Prostitute, which was based on the novel Requiem for a Nun, written by William Faulkner. Besides, he had also produced some other plays, and A Streetcar Named Desire and The Merchant of Venice are two of many.

Oh Young-Soo  (오영수)
Image Source: popsugar

Moreover, he also appeared in the play titled Prince Yeonsangun as Yeonguijeon. Also, we can see him in the Problematic Figure in July 2015 and Fathers and Sons. This play was based on the novel of the same name in August 2015.

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Furthermore, he has also appeared in several other movies and television series, including:

  • The Soul Guardians (1998-movie)
  • A Little Monk (2003-movie)
  • Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter…and Spring (2003-movie)
  • The First Republic (1981-Television)
  • The Fairy of Shampoo (1988-Television)
  • Queen Seondeok (2009-Television)
  • God of War (2012-Television)

However, the actor was raised into fame after appearing as an elderly participant named Oh II-nam in the Netflix survival drama Squid Game. After this, he was famous worldwide as this Netflix series became the most viewed series globally.

Awards and Nominations

The famous actor has won a total of five awards throughout his career. In addition, Young-Soo was awarded the best actor award in several award ceremonies, including:

  • Baeksang Arts Awards (1994)
  • Dong-A Theatre Awards (1979)
  • National Theater Association of Korea (2006).

Furthermore, he also got awarded with the Best Supporting Actor-Series, Miniseries, or Television Film at the 2022 Golden Globe Awards.

Social Media Presence

Oh Young-Soo is available on Instagram under the username @ohyoung_so. Here, he has shared more 124 posts more than 116 thousand people follow the elderly actor on Instagram.

However, the actor does not have an official Twitter account until now, but he keeps updating his fans about his personal life and career through his Instagram profile.

Oh Young-Soo (오영수)
Image Source: koreajoongangdaily

Relationship Status of Oh Young-Soo

Young is undoubtedly married and also has children. According to Wikipedia, the South Korean actor has one child, but he has not revealed the name of his children and spouse until now.

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Some Interesting Facts about Oh Young-Soo

  • Oh Young-Soo started his professional career as a theater actor in 1967.
  • He has kept almost everything related to his personal life low-key and has not much his life on the internet and the media.
  • The famous actor often portrays the role of buddhist monks as he had experience with Buddhist plays.
  • He has appeared in more than 200 productions and this was mentiioned by Young-Soo himself.

Net Worth

Oh Young-Soo has not revealed his actual net worth until now. However, we are sure that the squid game actor has earned millions throughout his career. Besides, the internet and the media have no clue about Oh’s endorsements and advertisement appearances.

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Park Shin-hye (박신혜) – Actress, Profile, Early Life, Wedding , Career & Net Worth



Park Shin-hye

Park Shin Hye (박신혜) is a popular South Korean actress who has been in the Korean film industry since 2003 with successful dramas and tv shows such as The Heirs, Miracle in Cell No.7, Pinocchio, Alive, The Call, and many more.

Early Life

Park Shin-hye was born on February 18, 1990, in Gwanju Nam-gu, Korea. She is currently 31 years old. Her family consists of her father Hyeon-jong Park, mother Mi-sook Jo, and brother Park Shin-wo.

She went to Youngpa Girl’s Middle School and graduated high school from the same school. She graduated from Chung-Ang University College of Arts with a major in Theater and Film.

Park Shin-hye dreamt of becoming a police officer when she was young. Back in 2003, her church teacher who was a fan of singer Lee Seun-hwan sent her photo taken at a photo studio to an audition for a music video. Lee made her first appearance through it in a music video of Lee Seung-hwan’s “Flower”.

Body Stats

Shinhye is famous for her natural beauty and has a height of 168cm. Her blood type is A and she is left-handed. Her MBTI type is INFJ.

Quick facts about Park Shin Hye

Full NamePark Shin Hye
Native Name박신혜
Stage Name Park Shin Hye
BirthdayFebruary 18, 1990
Birth PlaceGwanju Nam-gu, Korea
ParentsFather, Mother
AgencySALT Entertainment
Blood TypeA
Relationship StatusMarried( Choi Tae-Joon)
Net Worth $14million USD


Park Shin-hye made her debut through the Dream Factory agency; she actually made up her mind to pursue her career as a singer, however, she started out as an actor.

Park made her debut in the SBS drama “Stairway to Heaven” where she played the role of the younger self of actor Choi Ji-woo’s character. Park had made herself noted to the industry and played different roles after that.


“You’re Beautiful” of 2009 was a point where she got recognition from the audiences, she played alongside Jang Keun-suk, Lee Hong-gi, and others. It had made a huge impact in the industry as it made a major cultural impact and had gained a cult following. Park Shin-hye also gave her musical career a push as she made two OSTs for the drama “Lovely Day” and “Without Words”.

Park Shin-hye (박신혜)
Image Source: kpop wallpaper

In 2010, another hit Cyrano Agency which was a low-budget romantic comedy film was a commercial hit that was viewed by over a 2.7million people nationwide. Park Shin-Hye was awarded the “Most Popular Actress” at the Baeksang Arts Awards. She also gave the voice to the main character in the animated film Green Days: Dinosaur and I.

Miracle in Cell No.7 is one of the highest-grossing Korean films where she played the supporting role which resulted in winning her the “Best Supporting Actress”. On the occasion of her 10th anniversary in acting, she held the “2013 Asia Tour” in four Asian Countries and became the first actress to have held a tour.

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Recent works

In the year 2020, Park Shin-hye starred in a 2020 South Korean zombie film titled “#Alive” which was based on the script of Hollywood screenwriter Matt Naylor. It was a hit and commercial success being the 7th highest-grossing in South Korea.

A few months after that “The Call” a thriller film was released globally through Netflix as it was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Park Shin-Hye relationship Choi Tae-joon

Park Shi-Hye and Choi Tae-Joon’s journey started with them going to the Chung -Ang University where they were both in the department of theatre.

They weren’t close during their college but later became good friends as both were part of the entertainment industry. Both of them had similarities as both started out as child actors.

They both had appeared together in the drama named ” The King of Dramas” where she had a cameo in ep 1. However, the two didn’t have a chance to share the big screen as leading roles.

The two had been dating each other secretly without media or making the public known. However, it couldn’t forever remain a secret. A fan spotted them shopping on an overseas trip. Fans had recognized and speculated that two were dating. Only short after that they were spotted going to an aquarium making both of them topics at the top of the news.

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The agency tried to cover the rumors and both denied that there wasn’t any fact behind it and insisted that nothing was going on.

After that, they had been topic for Dispatch and had revealed several photos of them together and their visits in the Park Shin-hye’s parents restaurant which almost confirmed their relationship. After a while, they remained low and the rumor had it that they had broken up and Choi Tae-Joon enlisted as a social service officer.

But later that year, the couple was spotted at IU’s concert in Seoul. The two were seen together in public after a while since Choi enlisted.

Park Shin-hye in wedding dress
Image Source: Instagram

Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin-hye wedding

After being in a relationship for almost four years they finally had decided to go public about their relationship and announced Park Shin-hye’s pregnancy on November 24, 2021.

Both SALT Entertainment and Santa Claus Entertainment made an announcement that Park Shin-hye and Choi Tae-Joon’s wedding will be held on 2022, January 22. Their Wedding invitation had also got viral on social media which only included exclusively family members on the event.

Social Media

Shinhye is active on social media platforms like Instagram with the verified username (@ssinz7) which has over 12.5m followers.

Net Worth & Brand Endorsements

Park Shin-hye is one of the influential celebrities in South Korea, She ranked 33rd in the Forbes Korea Power Celebrity List in 2015 and 40th in the year 2021.

She has been the most demanded endorser since 2015 and has represented the brands like Mamonde, skincare, and cosmetics brand, Bruno Magli, an Italian luxury brand as well as international luxury brands like Swarovski and Olivia Burton.

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Lee So-hee (이소희) – Actress, Early Life, Career, Net Worth & Facts



Lee So-hee

Recently gained popularity as a lead role in the South Korean seriesMy Name and “Nevertheless” on Netflix, Lee So-hee (이소희) is one of the prominent Korean actress and model.

Early Life and Education

Lee So-hee (이소희) was born on November 18, 1994, and is currently 27 years old as of 2022. Sohee is of Korean national and her zodiac is Scorpio. There aren’t many details about her family background.

Growing up So-hee didn’t have much comfortable life. She came to Seoul while she was still in high school; she didn’t know anyone and started to make a living by doing various part-time jobs.

While she was working in a part-time job, she was offered a project to be a model, that’s when she started working as a model.

Her educational background started with Dangu Middle School later went to Ulsan Girl’s High School and graduated from Ulsan Arts High School.

 Lee So-hee actress
Image Source: Instagram

Body Stats

Lee So-hee obviously has a charming persona with fair skin and a cute face. She is 165cm in height and weighs around 47kg. Her blood type is AB.

Her MBTI personality type is ENFP.

Quick facts about Lee So-hee

Full Name Lee So-hee
Native Name 이소희
Birthday November 18, 1994
Birth PlaceMunheyong-dong, Buk-gu, Gwanju, South Korea
ParentsFather, Mother
SiblingYounger Brtoher Bae Sang-moon
OccupationActress, Model
Agency9ATto Entertainment
PositionActress, singer
Zodiac Scorpio
Weight 47kg
Blood TypeAB
Relationship StatusSingle
Net Worth $9 million USD


After working on various small projects as a model she got an opportunity to be in a music video. She appeared in SHINee’s “Tell Me What To Do’ music video in the year 2016. After that, she was noticed in various advertisements, commercials, and even in music videos.


So-hee signed with 9ATto Entertainment and made her way to acting as part of the industry. In 2017, she debuted with a minor role, in the drama Reunited Worlds.

Taking the road to the successful actor, she had got herself one of the main roles in MBC TV’s Money Flower in 2017 and another drama 100 Day My Price by tvN. She had made her appearance and slowly got recognition from the audience. In May 2019 she became a part of the series Abyss with a supporting role which aired on tvN as well as Netflix.

Her appearance in JTBC’s drama “The World of Married” alongside popular actors of the industry Park Hae-Joon and Kim Hee-ae with the role of young mistress.

The drama was a huge success and in the end, it became the highest-rated drama in Korean TV history. She gained enormous attention from the audience and gained a lot of fans through the show.

 Lee So-hee actress
Image Source: scmp

Lee So-hee with the Main roles

The year 2021 became quite lucky for Lee So-hee starring as the lead role in JTBC drama Nevertheless. Airing on Netflix on June 19, it was well-received by the audience, since it was based on a popular webtoon of the same name, the Korean audience was hyped for the drama.

Some episodes of the series had to be discussed to air since it was underrated 19 and producers were concerned regarding it. Han So-hee played the role of Yoo Na-bi besides co-actors Song Kang as Park Jae-oen, Chae Jong-hyeop, Lee Yul-eum, and Yang Hye-Ji.

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Han So-hee in My Name (Netflix)

Shortly after the success of Nevertheless, in October 2021; Han So-hee came out as a lead role in the Korean action crime genre drama My Name alongside Park Hee Soon as Choi Mu-jin, Ahn Bo-Hyun as Joen Pil-do, Chang Ryul, Lee Hak-Joo, Yoon Kyun go and others.

While filming the drama, So-hee had various injuries during the filming and had overworked herself, and fainted at the set, she was taken to the emergency treatment room at once. Because of this, the filming was stopped for a while until she recovered.

Sohee managed to gain 10kgs of weight prior to her old for the drama.


  • 2020- Best New Actress – Baeksang Arts Awards – The World of Married
  • Best Rising Star Actress – 2020 -Korea First Brand Awards – The World of Married
  • 2020- Best Actress of the Year- Rising Star- Brand of the Year Awards – The World of Married
  • 2021- Rookie of the Year – APAN Star Awards – The World of Married
  • 2021- Best Artist Awards – Asia Artist Awards
  • Actress of the year – 2021- Kinolights Awards- Nevertheless, The World of Married

Personal Life

So-hee was speculated to be dating Jung Da-Eun who was a co-star and a partner in the drama Nevertheless. The couple in the drama was hugely loved for their connection by the fans; rumors started to rise when they were spotted holding hands behind the scenes and fans had started noticing their Instagram posts.

Besides, the holiday photos of two in Vietnam were one of the factors that led fans to believe that the two were dating however after some time Han So-hee clarified that they were not dating but were close friends and had known each other for a long period of time.

 Lee So-hee actress
Image Source: globalkorea


After the rise of Han-So hee’s popularity and fame, her alumni and acquaintances revealed the story behind her childhood, and an article exposing Ha So-hee’s mother’s debt was posted on an Internet community bulletin board.

Sohee directly posted a sincere apology on her blog and disclosed that she had struggled with the debt back then. However, it resulted in gaining more support from the fans.

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Net Worth and Brand Endorsements

Han So-hee has a successful career as of 2022 and she had earned quite a considerable sum through her acting and modeling career.

Besides that, her other sources of income include brand endorsements she is the brand ambassador of luxury brands and other popular brands; including French personal care brand L’Oréal, Korean-based luxury brand, Stonehenge Jewelry, and recently signed with makeup and skincare brand, Charlotte Tilbury Beauty.

Sohee’s estimated net worth as of 2021 is over $9 million USD and lives a comfortable and luxurious life with it.

Facts about Sohee

  • She was selected in the Women of the Year in New Face category by ELLE Korea
  • She has a blog which she started before she stepped into the industry.
  • Sohee loves to have Ice cream and her favorite flavor is Mint Choco Pie.
  • Her MBTI personality type was INFP but recently changed into ENFP.

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Bae Suzy (배수지) – MissA, Actor, Early Life, Career, Net Worth & Facts



Bae Suzy

Bae Suzy (배수지) is a prominent South Korean singer and actress, she was part of the K-pop girl group MissA by JYP Entertainment and presently works as an actress.

Early Life and Education

Suzy was born on October 10, 1994, in Munheyong-dong, Buk-gu, Gwanju, South Korea with the name Bae Suzy (배수지). Bae Suzy is currently 27 years old. Her family consists of her father Bae wan-young, mother Hyeon-Suk Jeong older sister, and younger brother Bae Sang-moon.

She went to Gwanju Cultural Middle School and then did her high schooling at Jeonnam Girls High School. She graduated from Seoul Performing Arts High School in the Department of Applied Music Major.

Bae Suzy

Body Stats

Suzy Bae has innocent and distinct facial features. Suzy is quite tall and stands at a height of 168cm, her blood type is AB. Her shoe size is 250mm.

Bae Suzy’s MBTI personality type is INFJ.

Quick facts about Bae Suzy

Full NameBae Suzy
Native Name배수지
BirthdayOctober 10, 1994
Birth PlaceMunheyong-dong, Buk-gu, Gwanju, South Korea
ParentsFather, Mother
SiblingYounger Brtoher Bae Sang-moon
OccupationSinger, Actress
AgencyManagement SOOP, JYP Entertainment
Associated Act MissA
PositionActress, singer
Shoe size 250mm
Blood TypeAB
Relationship StatusSingle
Net Worth $20 million USD

Bae Suzy in MissA

Suzy was a former part of the girl group Miss A under JYP Entertainment. In 2009 she did an audition for Mnet Superstar and made her way through the preliminary round but got eliminated from the show.

That’s where she was noticed by a recruitment employee of JYP Entertainment and then joined as a trainee in JYP. After years of working as a trainee, she was placed in the newly formed group Miss A with the debut in 2010.

Bae Suzy was signed as the main vocal for MissA. The group surprisingly did well with their first single “Bad Girl Good Girl”. They were able to receive first place in the KBS Music bank. MissA became the quickest girl group to rank #1 on a music show.

The group was active for 7 years with two studio albums three EPs and eight singles. MissA disbanded with the confirmation by the announcement of JYP in 2017, end of December.

Bae Suzy
Image Source: Netizen Buzz

Acting Career and Solo Career

She later pursued her career as an actress along with her music career. With the debut in television series titled Dream High in 2011 along with the actors IU, OK Taec-yeon, Kim Soo-Hyun, Ham Eun-jun, and Jang Woo-young. It was aired on starting of January. Suzy also released an OST for the drama, the drama had a positive response and gained popularity in other countries too.

Pursuing an acting career, Bae Suzy had successfully grasped the industry by winning the Best New Actress awards along with the Best couple award with her co-star.

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Suzy didn’t stop her music career but rather made her comeback with a solo debut EP “Yes?No?‘” on January 24, 2017. She hadn’t left JYP at the time even though other members had left after the end of their contract. Another EP “Faces of Love” was released on January 29, 2018. After the end of her contract, she decided to leave JYP Entertainment and signed with an acting agency, Management SOOP.

Dramas and Films of Bae Suzy

Bae Suzy has worked in various films with her intimidating actings some of them are:

  • Architecture 101 – Yang Seo-yeon
  • The Sound of a Flower – Lead Role- Jin Chae Seon
  • Ashfall – Choi Ji-young
  • Live Your Strength – Role – Suzy
  • Wonderland- Lead Role

Drama and Television Series:

  • My Love from the Star – Cameo- Go Hye-mi – 2014
  • Pinocchio – 2014
  • Uncontrollably Fond – Noh-eul – 2016
  • While You Were Sleeping
  • Vagabond – Go Hae-ri – 2019
  • Start-Up – (Role) – Seo Dal-mi – 2020
  • Anna – (Role)- Yumi – 2022

Social Media

Bae Suzy is only active on Instagram with the verified username (@skuukzky) which has 17m followers. She posts quite often, her projects behind the scenes, photos with her pet, and others.

Bae Suzy
Image Source: Instagram

Personal Life

Suzy Bae has been involved in different romance rumors with other celebrities. There was a rumor of her being involved with former model-actor Seong Joon in 2013. After that, JYP made an official announcement that they were not particularly dating but were only close.

In 2015 another relationship rumor came out which was revealed by Dispatch about actor Lee Min-ho and Suzy being in a relationship. After about nearly 5 months after the rumor, it was reported that they had broken up but both their agencies denied it. Later in November 2017 Lee Min-ho and Suzy announced that they had broken up.

Awards won by Suzy

  • Singer Rookie Award
  • Drama Rookie Award
  • Film Rookie Award
  • Variety Rookie Award
  • Best New Actress Award
  • Best Newcomer Award

Net Worth & Brand Endorsements

Suzy Bae has been active in the industry for a long time and has millions of fans and followers from all around the country as well as international. With her music career and acting career, she is quite successful and earns an enormous sum. She became the most demanded brand endorser in South Korea. Suzy has been partnered with more than 17 endorsement deals till now. She was also titled “CF Queen”.

Her brand endorsements include the French luxury fashion brand Dior from which earns millions. Her estimated net worth is over $20 million.

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Facts about Bae Suzy

  • Her personality type was categorised INFP but recently changed as INFJ.
  • There is a cafe runed by her parent in her hometown Gwanju.
  • Suzy’s nickname are Soongi, Baby Rabbit etc.
  • Her hobby includes walking side the Han River, drawing and writing a diary.
  • Suzy likes to post her pet dogs photos on her social media.

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Kwak Si Yang (곽시양) – Actor, Early Life, Career, & Facts



Kwak Si Yang (곽시양)

Kwak Myeong Jin (곽명진), better known as Kwak Si Yang (곽시양) is one of the most-loved actors of South Korea. He debuted as an actor in the 2014 drama Glorious Day.

Early Life and Family

On January 15, 1987, Kwak was born in Seoul, South Korea. However, the actor has not revealed much about his early life yet. Besides, we know that he graduated in Environmental and civil engineering from Dankook University.

Moreover, the famous South Korean actor also keeps his family life away from the internet and the media. Therefore, we have no idea about his father and mother. Besides, Kwak has also not revealed whether he has any siblings.

Therefore, this is all we know about the childhood and family of this famous South Korean actor, as he loves to keep his personal life low-key.

Kwak Si Yang (곽시양)
Image Source: Instagram

Body Stats and Physical Appearance

Kwak Si Yang stands 6 feet 1 inch or 187 cm, and his body weighs somewhere around 74 kg. However, he has not revealed any information about his body measurements and shoe size.

Besides, we know that Si Yang’s blood type is B, the zodiac sign is Capricorn, and his Chinese zodiac sign is Tiger. The South Korean actor has maintained himself very fit and fine, and many people follow him as their role model. Moreover, Kwak is also very conscious about healthy diets and regular workouts.

Quick facts about Kwak Si Yang

Full Name Kwak Myeong Jin
Native Name(곽명진)
Stage NameKwak Si Yang (곽시양)
BirthdayJanuary 15, 1987
Birth PlaceSeoul, South Korea
AgentDrawing Entertainment
Years Active2014 – present
Height6 feet 1 inch (187 cm)
Weight74 kg
Blood TypeB
Relationship StatusN/A
Net WorthApproximately $1-$5 million

Highlights on the Career of Kwak Si Yang

Si Yang started his career as an actor in 2014 by appearing in a drama named Glorious Day. After that, we also appeared in a movie titled Night Flight and after that, he also portrayed a role in the music drama, Presevere, Goo Hae-ra.

After that, he also appeared in the Starhous Entertainment project One O One‘s debut single Love You. Alongwith Kwak, the group also consisted of other Starhous actors: Ahn Hyo-seop, Song Won’suk, and Kwon Do-kyun.

Kwak Si Yang
Image Source: Instagram

The South Korean actor gained huge popularity after he started in the hit romantic comedy-drama named Oh my Ghost. Jwak Si Yang portrayed the role of a chef who appears stand-offish but is kind and sweet. After that, he has also appeared in a lot of other movies and TV series.

We can see his appearance in several big-screen projects, including:

  • Sori: Voice From The Heart (2016)
  • Elephant in the room (2016)
  • The Witness (2018)
  • The Battle of Jangsari (2019)

TV series, like:

  • Oh my Ghost (2015)
  • One More Happy Ending (2016)
  • Chicago Typewriter (2017)
  • Fight for My Way (2017)
  • Alice (2020)
  • Idol: The Group (2021).

Moreover, he is also a cast of another TV series named Beautiful Namdong, which will release in 2022.

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Furthermore, some of the web series that he has appeared in are Strange Visitor (2016), 2TV Snack (2017), Genesis (2021), etc and he has also appeared in a few Television shows named We Got Married-Season 4 (2015-2016), Lost Time (2017), Kaw of the Jungle in Sumatra (2017), and Korea Coast Guard (2018).

Awards and Nominations

As Kwak Myeong Jin is one of the best actors in South Korea, there is no doubt that he has won multiple awards and has also been nominated for several award categories as well.

Kwak Si Yang
Image Source: Instagram

Some of the awards that he has won and has been nominated for are listed below:

  • New Actor Award at the 2016 Asia Artist Awards (won)
  • Best New Actor at the 2016 APAN Star Awards (nominated)
  • New Star Award (Actor) at the 2016 Asia Model Festival (won)
  • Netizen Award (Actor) at the 2015 KBS Drama Awards (nominated)
  • Best Character Award (actor) at the 2021 SBS Drama Awards (won)

Besides, he has also won several other awards as well. Therefore, there is no doubt that Kwak is a very highly talented and appreciated actor with a huge fandom worldwide.

Social Media Presence

We can meet Kwak Si Yang on Instagram under the username @siyang87k, where he has shared a total of 383 posts and more than 400 thousand people follow this South Korean actor on Instagram. However, we can not meet Kwak on Twitter as he does not have any official account there.

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Relationship Status

The famous actor has not revealed any information regarding his love life until now. Therefore, we have no clue whether Kwak is currently dating anyone or living a single life. Moreover, there are also no details about any of his previous relationships even if he had any.

Kwak Si Yang’s Net Worth

Myeong Jin’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million to $5 million as of 2021. He has earned a huge amount of money throughout his career and is still earning a lot. Besides, the actor also earns from several other endorsements and advertisements.

Some Interesting Facts about Kwak Si Yang

  • Kwak appeared in Yoon Hwa Jae In’s music video of Was Love Like This in 2007.
  • He has kept his personal life very low-key and doesnot want to share much about himself to the world.
  • The famous South Korean star appeared in the historical-fantasy drama Lovers of the Red Sky in 2021.
  • Si Yang signed a contract with Drawing Entertainment in September 2021 after contract with The original agency ended.

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