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Heo Jae-won – Jeonnam Dragons, Early Life, Career, Net worth & Facts



Heo Jae Won

Heo Jae-won is a South Korean football player who debuted as a professional footballer in 2006. The first club he played for was Suwon Bluewings, where he played for four years and appeared in 6 games.

Early Life

Heo Jae-won was born on July 1, 1984, in Uijeongbu, South Korea. Therefore, he is currently 37 years old. However, the professional South Korean footballer has not revealed anything about his early life and childhood.

Furthermore, he has also kept his parents and family away from the people. Therefore, we have no clue about his father, mother, and even siblings. However, we know that he was born and raised in a very supportive and happy family.

Besides, Heo has kept almost many things about his personal life in the dark, which means that his personal life remains away from the knowledge of his fans and supporters. However, his fans eagerly wait for the famous footballer to reveal his personal life.

Heo Jae Won
Heo Jae Won Image Source Sportingnews

Body Stats and Physical Appearance

There is no doubt that Jae-won has a very healthy and well-maintained body physique as he is a professional football player. He follows a strict workout routine and is also very conscious about his daily diet.

Heo stands at the height of 6 feet 2 inches, and his body weight is 77 kg. However, he has not mentioned his shoe size and body measurements until now. Furthermore, the internet is also unaware of the footballer’s blood type and zodiac sign.

However, he has certainly stood as an inspiration for a lot of young sportsmen, especially footballers who look at him as their idol.

Quick Facts about Heo Jae-won

Full NameHeo Jae-won
Native Name허재원
Stage Name Heo Jae-won (허재원)
BirthdayJuly 1, 1984
Birth Place Uijeongbu, South Korea
NationalitySouth Korean
Team South Korean U-23 National Team
ClubJeonnam Dragons (2018 to present)
Height6 feet 2 inches
Weight77 kg
Blood TypeN/A
Relationship StatusN/A
Net Worthapprox $1.5 million

Highlights on the Career of Heo Jae-won

Heo started his career as a defender when he was 22 years old. He was selected as the defender for a Korean club named Suwon Bluewings.

However, he played for only four seasons in this club and then was transferred to Gwangju Sangmu (Army) in 2007. The footballer only spent one year in this club before going to Jeju United.

Furthermore, this was the club where he got the chance to appear the maximum number of As a result, hemes. He played a total of 77 games for Jeju United in the 2012-2013 season.

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After that, he signed the contract with Daegu FC. Jae-won appeared in a total of 59 games for this club and scored five goals as a defender in just one season.

We can say that Heo did not like to spend much time in one club as he has played for a total of 9 different clubs since his professional debut.

Currently, the defender is playing for Jeonnam Dragons where he made his debut in 2018. Jae has appeared in 15 games but unfortunately has not scored even one goal for the club until now.

Heo Jae-Won
Image Source Instagram

Caeer in South Korean National Team

The 22-years-old-defender was selected for the South Korean U-20 and U-23 National Teams. However, he has not played for the senior national team of South Korea until now.

However, he is a very professional player and deserves to play for his nation on an international platform as well.

Heo Jae-won has somehow been an underrated player when it comes to his national team career, but we can certainly hope that he will be selected in the senior national team in the future.

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Net Worth

According to some sources, Heo’s net worth is approximately $1.5 million. However, we can not completely believe this as the football player has not revealed his net worth or earning on his own yet.

Besides, there is no doubt that he earns a huge amount of money as he tends to be one of the best footballers in South Korea.

Is Heo Jae-won dating?

As mentioned earlier, Heo has kept his personal life away from the limelight of media and the internet.

Therefore, there is also no information available about the love life of this South Korean defender. Furthermore, he has also not opened any of his previous relationships, even if he had any.

Heo Jae-won
Image Source: Wikipedia

Social Media Presence

We could not find any official account of Heo Jae-won on any social media platforms. Maybe, he does not like being on social media, but his fans and supporters are eagerly waiting for him to create at least one official social media account so that they can get updated about the footballer.

Some Interesting Facts about Heo Jae-won

  • Heo has kept almost everything related to his personal life away from the media and the internet.
  • The defender played official football for more than 15 years as of 2021. However, he has still not got a chance to represent his nation.
  • The highest number of his appearance is 77 with 4 goals and the least number of his appearance is 4 with no goals at all.
  • Jae-won has kept himself far from the media as much as possible. Therefore, not much about him is available on the internet as well.

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Lee “Duke” Ho-Seong – League of Legends, Early Life, Career & Facts



Duke League of Legends

Lee Ho Seun, better known by his stage name Duke is a famous League of Legends esports player. Furthermore, the gamer was a top layer for Invictus Gaming, and his previous gaming name was Leopard.

Early Life and Family

Lee’s age is 27 years, born on December 19, 1994. His parents gave birth to him and raised him in South Korea. However, his actual birthplace remains away from the media and the internet.

The gamer’s early life and educational qualification remain hidden for now. However, it is known that he started his career as a gamer at a very young age. Furthermore, Duke’s parents and family members also stay away from the media and the internet’s limelight.

Duke Image Source: Instagram

Physical Stats

Lee has not disclosed much about his body stats until now. So, unfortunately, we currently have no idea about his height, weight, or body measurements. However, Duke seems to have a pretty healthy and well-maintained body, judging by his appearance.

Besides, his zodiac sign and blood type also remain unknown for now. The young gamer has not mentioned much about his personal life with the media. Therefore, this is all we know about his physical stats.

Quick Facts about Duke

Full NameLee Ho-Seong
Native Name이호선
Gaming NameDuke (Leopard – Previously)
BirthdayDecember 19, 1994
Birth PlaceSouth Korea
NationalitySouth Korean
OccupationLeague of Legends player
GameLeague of Legends
TeamInvictus Gaming
PositionTop Laner
Blood TypeNot available
Relationship StatusN/A
Net Worth$1 million to $5 million

Duke’s Career

Lee Ho Seun started his professional career as a League of Legends player in 2013. The first-ever team that he played for was KT Rolster Bullets. However, he left the team on May 16, 2014. He joined this team in Season 3 under the name Leopard.

However, Lee did not play with KT Rolster Bullets until the IEM Season VIII World Championship, and after sometimes later, he changed his name to Duke and left the team as well.

After that, Duke became a member of Najin BlackSword, and then he was signed by Najin e-mfire in November 2014. Lee played his first tournament with the team at GOT6iX Champions in Summer 2014, and the team made it to the quarterfinals but lost to SK Telecom T1 S.

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Besides, Ho Seun also played in the 2015 LoL KeSPA Cup, where his team lost to Rebels Anarchy in the first round. Duke started his 2018 season with iG with a 3rd place finish in the Demacia Championship, where they closed to Snake Esports in the loser’s semifinals.

On December 18, 2016, he was signed as one of the members of Invictus Gaming. The team was placed in Group D for the Worlds 2018, along with Fnatic, 100 Thieves, and G-Rex.

Duke Image Source: Instagram

Relationship Status

No information about the love life of Lee has been revealed until now. Furthermore, famous esports players like to keep their personal life and relationship status away from the internet and the media.

Besides, Duke has not talked anything about his previous relationship and affairs until now. However, his fans and supporters are waiting for him to reveal his dating life to the public.

Net Worth of Duke

Duke has earned a tremendous amount of money throughout his gaming career. Furthermore, we know that his total lifetime earnings are $1,151,427.

However, his payments do not stop here as Lee Ho Seun has been in his top form and is loved by many people worldwide.

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Social Media Presence

Lee is not active on any social media platforms for now. Therefore, we can say that he does not want to show his private life through Instagram or Twitter. However,  several other people have shared some posts on their social media profiles where they appreciate his skills and gameplay.

Duke Image Source: Instagram


Duke has won a lot of achievements throughout his career. Some of the best of his achievements are given below:

  • LPL Spring 2019 (first position)
  • 2018 World Championship (first position)
  • NEST 2017 (first position)
  • LCK Spring 2016 (first position)
  • 2016 World Championship SKT T1 Ekko
  • IEM Season X-World Championship (first position)

 Some Interesting Facts about Duke

  • With 1000 MVP Points, Duke was the regular-season MVP of SBENU Champions Spring 2015.
  • The League of Legends player is the only player to win the World Championship with two different organizations.
  • He played with SK Telecom T1 in 2016 and CHina with Invictus Gaming in 2018.
  •  Lee won the straight first-place League of Legend tournament in 2-16.

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Maru (마루) – StarCraft II, Early Life, Career, Trivia, & Net Worth



Maru (마루)

Cho Sung Choo (조성추) is a South Korean professional Starcraft II player who also goes by the name Maru (마루). He started his career as an esports player in early 2012. Currently, the gamer is one of the members of Team NV.

Early Life and Education

Cho Sung Choo (조성추) was born on July 28, 1997. However, he has gained immense fame worldwide because of his outstanding gaming techniques. Furthermore, the famous gamer has also not disclosed Maru’s education qualification. Maru has kept almost all the information about his personal life away from the internet and the media.

However, we know that the famous game entered the pro scene as a teenager and was regarded as a top Terran player as early as 2012. Therefore, Sung Choo’s fans and supporters eagerly wait for him to disclose information about his family and relatives.


Body Stats

Cho has not disclosed any information about his body physique until now. Furthermore, as he is an esports player, he doesn’t need to care about his physical appearance. However, he has black hair and appears to have a chubby physique.

However, he is a fit personality with short hair and a pair of black eyes. In addition, the gamer has not revealed his height, weight, and any other physical stats. Also, his zodiac sign and blood type remain in the dark for now.

Quick Facts about Maru

Full NameCho Sung Choo
Native Name조성추
Stage NameMaru (마루)
BirthdayJuly 28, 1997 (age 24)
Birth PlaceSouth Korea
NationalitySouth Korean
OccupationStarcraft II player
TeamTeam NV
ESportsStarcraft II
Blood TypeNot available
Relationship StatusN/A
Net Worthapprox $1 million

Career Highlights

Maru started his career as an amateur Starcraft player in 2012 \. After that, he has become one of the best-known Starcraft players in South Korea. He debuted in the first GSL, the 2010 TG Sambo Intel Starcraft II Open Season 1.

Image Source: Instagram

He started 2012 with a powerful performance and qualified for Code A in the 2012 GSL Season 1 preliminaries. Moreover, the gamer also defeated Noblesse and Yeah in the process. After that, Maru got a chance to enter the Code S tournament, 2012 GSL Season, in a group with GuMiho, Curious, and HerO, despite low expectations.

Moreover, the famous gamer has also done remarkably well in the 2012 KSL team league Season 1, where he finished with a 19-7 record. In addition, he successfully owned a 6-kill all-kill of team StarTale.

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Outside Korea

Cho Sung Choo also played outside South Korea. However, he has participated in only one offline foreign tournament. He played this game during Wings of Liberty: the IPL 4 on April 6, 2012. However, his performance was not too strong in that competition, and he could only defeat Catz and Illusion before losing to Taeja and Virus.

From August 7, 2012, to February 7, 2013, Cho was also a competitor in the online Asia Starcraft League and quickly reached the bracket stage. Furthermore, he also defeated Chinese players F91 and MacSed each in the second and third rounds. Finally, he won the tournament by defeating BboongBboong twice in the semi-finals and finals. Sung Choo defeated him 3-2 in both semi-finals and finals.

After that, the famous South Korean gamer also won the last OSL and then went to Cologne, where he participated in WCS Season 2 Finals at GamesCom. Furthermore, Maru started his Season 3 Finals as one of the main favorites and defeated soO and duckdeok.

The South Korean Starcraft II player has won three awards throughout his career, and those awards are Playoffs MVP (2021-07-11), NesTea Awards (2019-07-11), and Rookie of the Year (2014-08-09).

He is still playing very well and has been achieving a lot of success in the esports industry. Maru is one of the most-loved Starcraft II players in South Korea who earned a colossal fandom worldwide.

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Social Media Presence

Maru has created an account on Instagram under the username @maru00072. However, the famous gamer has not shared any posts on that account until now. Besides, Cho is available on Twitch, where he streams many gaming videos. Furthermore, his Twitch account has a total of 18.1 thousand subscribers.

Relationship Status

The famous gamer has revealed nothing about Maru’s love life until now. However, his fans and supporters wait eagerly to know whether he is single or is dating anyone.

Furthermore, he has not disclosed any information about his previous affairs, even if he had any.

Net Worth of Maru

Maru has not disclosed his actual net worth until now. However, we know that the gamer has approximate winnings of $76,951 in 2021, and his total winning throughout his career is estimated to be $968,457.

Facts about Maru

  • Lani described Maru as a Little teddy bear during IGN ProLeague Season 4.
  • He is the youngest Royal Roader in OSL history and the first eSF OSL champion.
  • The famous gamer is the first-ever player to win two GSL in a row and is also one of the Four Horsemen of Terra, along with INnoVation, TY, and Byun.
  • Cho Sung Choo is also the first player who broke the 3000-point mark on Alligulac.

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Faker – Profile, Net worth, Earnings, League of Legends, Professional Gamer



Faker Profile

Lee Sang Hyeok, mostly known as Faker, is a professional League of Legends player for T1 from South Korea. Furthermore, he was previously known as  GoJeonPa (고전파).

Early Life and Family Details

On May 7, 1996, Lee was born in Seoul, South Korea. He was raised in Gangseo District, South Korea, and his brother by their grandparents and father. His father’s name is Kyung-Joon, but Faker has not revealed any information about his mother until now.

Sang Hyeok attended Mapo High School but did not complete his education and dropped out to join SKT T1 K and pursue a career in esports.

Besides, the gamer was always interested in puzzles and video games and played a lot of custom maps for Warcraft III and the MOBA Chaos during his teenage years.

Besides, he has not shared more about his early life and childhood. Therefore, this is all we can inform you about Lee Sang Hyeok’s early life and childhood.

Image source Instagram

Physical Appearance

Faker is a young personality who has maintained himself very fit and healthy. Moreover, he stands at the height of 5 feet 7 inches, and his body weight is around 56 kg.

Furthermore, Faker’s sexual orientation is straight, but he has not revealed his zodiac sign and blood type until now.

He is a gamer who just sits on his chair and plays games on his consoles. Therefore, fitness and bold body physique are not much essential for Faker. However, he has not compromised with his health and kept himself as healthy as possible.

Quick Facts about Faker

Full NameLee Sang Hyeok
Native Name이상혁
Stage NameFaker and formerly GoJeonPa (고전파)
BirthdayMay 7, 1996
Birth PlaceSeoul, South Korea
NationalitySouth Korean
Parentsfather (Lee Kyung-Joon) and mother (N/A)
Siblingone brother
OccupationLeague of Legends player
GameLeague of Legends
Height5 feet 7 inches
Weight56 kg
Blood TypeUnknown
Relationship StatusN/A
MBTI TypeUnknown
Net WorthApproximately US $4 million

Highlights on Faker’s Career

Lee Sang Hyeok started his career as a video game player in 2013. Previously, Faker used to play Warcraft III and the MOBA Chaos but later started playing League of Legends in 2011.

In 2013, Sang was selected by SK Telecom T1 K as their starting mid-loner. Later, Faker also led the team to win their first League of Legends World Championship as well.

Furthermore, his perfect outplay against KT Rolster Faker cemented his status as a brilliant player. Faker has been one of the players of SK Telecom T1 K from season 1 to season 11.

Moreover, Lee Sang Hyeok is the only player who has achieved the 600 game mark in the LCK. After that, he also became the first-ever player to achieve the 400th win in the LCK., which he achieved on February 6, 2021.

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In season 10, it was announced that Faker re-signed with the team for three more years on February 18, 2020. Furthermore, he is also the first player to have reached two thousand kills in the LCK and also claimed his ninth LCK title on April 25, 2020.

Moreover, the famous South Korean League of Legends player has also appeared in a Television series titled The Dreamer. The show was released on January 20, 2020, by KBS2, and this show used to talk about esports with famous esports players.

Lee’s contract with SKT was once renewed, and he was paid more than $2.5 million, and that was an unprecedented offer. In the same season, Lee also won the 2017 LCK Spring Split, which qualified them for the 2017 Mid-Seasonal Invitational.

Image Source Instagram

Individual Awards and Achievements

The South Korean esports player, Faker, has won several awards and achievements throughout his career. Some of the awards that he has packed are listed below:

  • HOT6iX League of Legends Championships Summer 2013 Season MVP
  • Pandora. TV Champions League of Legends Winter 2013-2014 Most Valuable Player
  • 2016 Korea e-Sports Association League of Legends Best Player Award
  • 2017 Best Esports Player, The Game Awards
  • 2018 Korea Esports Hall of Fame (Esports Stars)
  • 2019 Korea Esports Hall of Fame (Esports Stars)
  • 2020 Korea Esports Hall of Fame (Esports Stars)

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Is Faker in a relationship?

Faker has not revealed anything about his love life until now. Furthermore, he has also not talked about any of his previous relationships, even if he was involved in any.

However, his fans and supporters want to hear that their idol gets into a relationship as soon as possible.

Net Worth

Lee is considered to be one of the highest-paid players in all competitive gaming and also is the only player to earn more than 1 million USD. His net worth is estimated to be around $4 million.

Furthermore, the esports gamer is not living a very luxurious lifestyle despite earning such a huge amount of money, and it is known that he spends only $178 per month.

Image source Instagram

Social Media Presence

Faker has kept himself very close to his fans and supporters. We can meet the esports player on Instagram under the username faker, where he has shared only 27 posts and has already gained more than 519 thousand followers.

Furthermore, he is also available on Twitter as @faker. Here, he has shared 50 Tweets, and more than 450.1 thousand people follow Lee Sang Hyeok. In addition, the esports player also streams videos on Twitch, and he recorded his first live stream on February 6, 2017.

Some Interesting Facts about Faker

  • Faker is the youngest in his family and has an older brother.
  • The esports player started playing games when he was 12 years old abd started creating custom maps for several esports.
  • Before putting his stage name Faker, the esports player used the ID 고전파 which means classical in English.
  • Faker was seen crying for the first time when he lost to Samsung Gaming in the 2-17 World Champioships.

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Son Heung-Min (손흥민)- Profile, Tottenham Hotspur, Early Life, Career



Son Heung-Min

Son Heung-Min is a professional football player who is the captain of the South Korean national team. Furthermore, he is also a forwarder for Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur where he has played since 2015.

Early Life

Son was born and raised in Chuncheon, South Korea. The 29 years old footballer was born on July 8, 1992, to his father, Son Woong-Jung, and mother, Eun Ja Kil.

His father inspired Heung Min to become a footballer as his father was also a football player and manager. In addition, he had played for the South Korea national football B team.

After Son was born, his parents moved him to New Zealand, where the footballer was admitted into Mission Heights to improve his English and literature. When he was nine years old, Son moved back to South Korea, enrolled in Dongbuk elementary school, and graduated successfully.

Heung Min started getting interested in football when he was a high school student. However, his career through the FC Seoul academy, formerly known as Hamburger Sv.

Besides, he was also a ball boy in an FC Seoul home match in 2008. So, Son left high school and joined the football team.

Son Heung-min
Image Source: Instagram

Body Physique and Physical Stats

Heung Min Son has a well-maintained body physique and has kept himself very healthy due to his regular workouts and healthy diet. Furthermore, being a professional footballer, Son has to follow a rigorous exercise routine to keep himself fit and in form.

He stands at the height of 6 feet which is 183 cm, and his body weight is 75 kg (165 pounds). Furthermore, his body measurements are approximately 38-32-15. Moreover, his eyes and hair both are black-colored, which has added even more charm to his appearance. Besides, his zodiac sign is

Quick Facts about Son Heung-Min

Full NameSon Heung-Min
Native Name손흥민
BirthdayJuly 8, 1992
Birth PlaceChuncheon, South Korea
NationalitySouth Korean
Parentsfather (Son Woong-Jung) and mother (Eun Ja Kil)
football clubTottenham Hotspur (2015 to present)
PositionForward (Tottenham Hotspur),
Forward and captain (South Korean National team)
Previous clubsHamburger SV II (2010)
Hamburger SV (2010-2013)
Bayer Leverkusen (2013-2015)
Height6 feet
Weight77 kg
Blood TypeN/A
Relationship StatusSingle
Partner(s)Yoo So-young (2015-2017) and Bang Min-ah (broke up already)
Net Worth$20 million

Career of Son Heung-min

Son Heung min made his professional international debut on December 30, 2010, for South Korea, and his club football career started in July 2010 for Hamburger SV.

However, he was also a player of Dongbuk High School’s football club. Son joined Hamburger SV’s youth academy in November 2009 after participating in the FIFA U-17 World Cup.

Hamburger SV

The professional footballer signed his first professional contract on his 18th birthday after his impressive performance in the 2010-11 pre-season.

Later, he signed a new deal with Hamburger through 2014. He was in his best form during the 2011-12 pre-season when he scored 18 times in only nine matches.

The 2012-13 season was a breakthrough season for Heung min as he netted two goals against Borrusia Dortmund on February 9, 2013, and led his team to a 4-1 victory.

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Bayer Leverkusen

After spending some seasons with Hamburger SV, he left the club and signed a new contract with Bayer Leverkusen on June 13, 2013. He was transferred Bayer Leverkusen for 10 million pounds, which was the highest transfer fee in the club’s history.

Furthermore, he signed to a five-year deal with Bayer and quickly adjusted to his new club in the pre-season. He scored three goals in his first three appearances for the team in exhibition matches.

Tottenham Hotspur

Son joined Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur on 28 August 2015 for 22 million pounds or 30 million euros on a five-year contract. Moreover, he also became the most expensive Asian player in football history.

Heung min made his debut on September 13, 2015, in the match against Sunderland. He was replaced by Andras Townsend in the 62nd minute in his first match ever.

After that, he played very well and has become one of the best forwarders of Tottenham Hotspur. Son’s contract with Tottenham extended on July 23, 2021, and his contract is extended until 2025.

Son Heung-min
Image Source: Instagram

International Career

The South Korean football star started his international career during the 2009 FIFA U-17 World Cup held in Nigeria.

After that, he was appointed in the senior South Korean national team for the 2011 AFC Asian Cup, where he made his debut for the national team in a pre-tournament friendly against Syria on December 30 of the same year.

He has participated in two world cups for the South Korean national team, but unfortunately, his team could not make it to the finale. Moreover, he was also selected for South Korea for the 2015 AFC Asian Cup held in Australia.

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Relationship Status

Son has dated two women in his life and they are K-Pop singers Bang Min-ah and Yoo So-young. However, the football star is currently single and has also stated that he does not will to marry until his retirement from football.

Net Worth of Son Heung-min

Currently, Son Heung min has a total net worth of $20 million. Furthermore, he is also the highest-earning South Korean footballer in football history.

Therefore, the football star lives a very happy and luxurious lifestyle with all the money that he has earned until now.

Son Heung-min
Image Source: Instagram

Social Media Presence of Son Heung-min

Son is active on Instagram under the username @hm_son7, where he has shared 121 posts and has already gained more than 5.3 million followers.

As he is loved by almost every South Korean as well as an international football fan, there is no doubt that he has this many fan followings.

Furthemore, we can also meet the footballer on Twitter, where he has gained more than 27 thousand followers by sharing more than 77 thousand tweets.

Some Facts about Son Heung min

  • Son Heung min completed his South Korean mandatory military service during the Covid-19 pamdemic and was exempted form the service with a gold medal at the Asian Games.
  • The footballer claims midfielder Lee Chung-yong as his role model. Lee used to play for Crystal Palace and Bolton Wanderers.
  • The South Korean international footballer was nominated for the Ballon d’Or in 2019, as the highest-ever rank so far by an Asian player.
  • Because of his achievements, Son is considers as a symbol of national pride in South Korea and has also been listed in Forbes Korea Power Celebrity 40 and ranked ninth in 2019.

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